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    Over 500 pages of lectures!
    All books are published in a beautiful cloth-bound volume in hardback format
    Price: $16.00
    Electronic versions of these lectures are also available!

Other Titles Available

    2014 – "Abraham: The Man Who Was Called The Friend of God" ($10.00)
    2013 – "Barnabas: The Man Who Was Nicknamed Encouragement" ($6.00)
    2012 – "Job: A Man Who Lost Everything But His Faith" ($6.00)
    2011 – "The Prodigal Son: A Young Man Who Came To Himself & Came Home To His Father" ($6.00)
    2010 – "Moses: The Meekest Man In All The Land" ($6.00)
    2009 – "Simon Peter: The Disciple Who Walked On Water With Feet Of Clay" ($6.00)
    2008 – "David: The Man Who Had The Heart To Be King" ($6.00)
    2007 – "The Greatest Of These Is Love" ($6.00)
    2006 – "How Can We Understand The Bible Alike?" ($6.00)
    2005 – "Why Should I Believe The Bible?" ($6.00)
    2004 – "The Works of the Flesh vs. The Fruit of the Spirit" ($6.00)
    2003 – "The Sayings of Solomon" ($6.00)
    2002 – "The Sayings of Jesus" ($6.00)
    2001 – "The Miracles of Jesus" ($6.00)
    2000 – "The Parables of Jesus" ($6.00) (Out of Print: Available Electronically Only)
    1999 – "The Lord’s Church: Past, Present, Future" ($6.00)
    1998 – "The Godhead: Study of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit" ($6.00) (Out of Print: Available Electronically Only)
    1997 – "Dangerous ‘Isms" ($6.00)
    1996 – "The Two Covenants" ($6.00)
    1995 – "Major Lessons From the Major Prophets" ($6.00)
    1990 – "The Minor Prophets" ($6.00) (Out of Print: Available Electronically Only)
    1989 – "The Providence of God" ($6.00) (Out of Print: Available Electronically Only)

Electronic Version

    There are two versions of the electronic book … "The 2015 Book" or "The Complete POWER Library" (including the 2015 Book and all other years listed above). Both versions fit on one CD and are in PDF format
    Price: $10.00 - 2015 Power Electronic Book
    Price: $20.00 - Complete Power Electronic Library


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